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The Law Office of Christopher Olsen is a respected Somerset and Mercer County criminal defense law firm that handles a variety of cases, including traffic tickets and DUI. The firm has an impressive track record of success, having supplied exceptional criminal defense in Somerset and Mercer Counties for years. New Jersey residents place a great deal of confidence in the law firm and trust in New Jersey criminal and traffic attorney Christopher Olsen’s ability to bring about favorable resolutions for complex criminal and traffic cases.

Service Areas

Located in Hightstown, New Jersey, the Law Office of Christopher Olsen serves clients residing in several surrounding communities. The law firm’s valued clients live and work in Branchburg, Warren, Camden, Robbinsville, Bridgewater and all of Somerset and Mercer Counties.

Practice Areas: Traffic, Criminal Law, and DUI in Somerset and Mercer Counties

Clients who have been hit with traffic tickets in Somerset and Mercer Counties speak highly of the professional and assertive manner with which the Law Office of Christopher Olsen tackles these legal matters.

The Law Office of Christopher Olsen also handles a variety of criminal cases, including DUI charges. Clients accused of committing crimes may face severe repercussions such as fines, community service, participation in mandatory treatment programs, and time behind bars. A skilled criminal defense attorney in Somerset and Mercer Counties, New Jersey help alleged offenders avoid harsh sentences via dropped charges and not guilty verdicts.

Approach to Law

When you work with a Somerset and Mercer County criminal and traffic attorney, you want to know that you are being represented by somebody with a thorough understanding of these practice areas. Furthermore, your Somerset and Mercer County traffic attorney should be intimately familiar with the current legal landscape in your community.

Respect and compassion are absolutely essential, as few things are more miserable than working with an attorney who clearly has a judgmental attitude. If you work with the Law Office of Christopher Olsen, you will always be treated with the respect you deserve. You can expect to receive not only compassionate treatment during one-on-one consultations, but also assertive representation when you appear in court.

No matter the nature of your current criminal charges or traffic ticket, you are better off working with a Somerset and Mercer County lawyer you trust. The Law Office of Christopher Olsen is a great resource to turn to for traffic ticket defense in Somerset and Mercer Counties, New Jersey. To learn more about the law firm’s practice areas and legal approach, get in touch today.

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